Enhancing Computer-Assisted Surveying Technologies

AskAnywhere's new mobile survey client

Are you required to gather information from the field in an emergency or about a late-breaking event? If so, AskAnywhere's mobile survey client could be the perfect data gathering solution.

If you are responsible for...

    health surveys,
    in-store research,
    population or event counts in emergencies,
    advertising impression studies,
    refugee work,
    in-field sales reports,
    observation/ethnographic research,
    windshield surveys,
    entertainment and athletic event counts,
    election day exit polling, or
    disease and therapeutic outcome studies,
...consider using your mobile phone to collect that information.

AskAnywhere's WAP survey option makes it easy to quickly and inexpensively gather small amounts of structured information from almost anywhere by using ordinary web-enable mobile phones, with services available in over 200 countries worldwide.

Survey in any language from anywhere in the world and have the information routed immediately over the Internet to the web page or database of your choice.


Step 1: Before trying our online mobile survey, look at our online demo or read AskAnywhere's WAP online documentation at

Step 2: Follow the usual procedures to connect your mobile phone to the web.

Step 3: Enter the following web address into your mobile phone (be sure to bookmark the address):

Step 4: Complete the seven question mobile survey.

(AskAnywhere's WAP option is intended for trained field agents. Interviewers should receive training and be familiar with the behavior of the software and their particular mobile phone before collecting data.)


This research is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), "Developing a WAP-based Mobile Survey System" (R43-HD042858) NICHD.

To be included in the evaluation research component, complete the mobile survey first and then click the link below and fill-out the study's online evaluation form.

We want to learn as much as we can about your experience using the mobile phone survey software. Your evaluation is very important and will help us improve the AskAnywhere mobile survey product.

Online Evaluation Survey - click here

Thank you for participating in this worldwide survey research project!

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