Who Are We?

A scientific research and development firm, Senecio Corporation is situated in Bowling Green, Ohio, a small, midwestern, university town. 
Founded in 1992 by Jerry W. Wicks, Ph.D., the company pursues R&D projects Dr. Wicks and his colleagues find worthwhile, interesting, and achievable within the constraints of time and resources.  As projects are selected and refined, additional engineers and scientists are brought on board where team members agree on goals and the steps required for the first phase of the research design.   
This protocol has led to the development of the first GUI population projection program, the earliest CATI system for the Macintosh, an imaginative effort at generating population estimates through the application of digital elevation models to satellite imagery, and seven National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research Awards.

Jerry W. Wicks

Senecio Corporation derives its name and logo from the small endangered flower (Senecio franciscanus) found only near the summit of the highest point in the southwestern United States, Flagstaff, Arizona's 12,633 ft strato-volcano, the San Francisco Peaks.


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